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16 Oct 2017

Are You Ready For Bots Inside Your Body?

Have you ever imagined how it would feel like to heal yourself from within, with the help of microscopic nano-robots? Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality is evolving at a rapid pace and could revolutionise the health care industry. Both these technologies could open up a whole new dimension when it comes to healing people. Are you ready for bots inside your body? A senior inventor at IBM has forecast the possibility of artificially intelligent nano-machines being injected into humans […]

17 Aug 2017

Is Life After Death Stored in Quantum Information?

While scientists debate what consciousness is, the University of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose conclude that it is information stored at a quantum level. Penrose agrees –he and his team have found evidence that “protein-based microtubules—a structural component of human cells—carry quantum information— information stored at a sub-atomic level” Penrose argues that if a person dies temporarily, this quantum information is released from the microtubules and into the universe. However, if the person is resuscitated the […]

07 Aug 2017

Is the “Old Me” Destroyed When I Teleport From Mars?

I am stranded on Mars. The fuel tanks on my return vessel ruptured, and no rescue team can possibly reach me before I run out of food. (And, unlike Matt Damon, I have no potatoes.) Luckily, my ship features a teleporter. It is an advanced bit of gadgetry, to be sure, but the underlying idea is simplicity itself: the machine scans my body and produces an amazingly detailed blueprint, a clear picture of each cell and neuron. That blueprint file […]

30 Jul 2017

Should We Proceed With Human Embryo Editing?

We’ve had the ability to alter genetic material in cells for some time, using a technique called CRISPR. So when word came from researchers in Portland, Oregon that they’ve successfully modified the genetic material of a human embryo, the announcement took some people by surprise. With headlines referring to “groundbreaking” research and “designer babies,” you might wonder what the scientists actually accomplished. This was a big step forward, but hardly unexpected. As this kind of work proceeds, it continues to […]

18 Jul 2017

Will Asimov’s Laws Protect Humans From Robots?

How do you stop a robot from hurting people? Many existing robots, such as those assembling cars in factories, shut down immediately when a human comes near. But this quick fix wouldn’t work for something like a self-driving car that might have to move to avoid a collision, or a care robot that might need to catch an old person if they fall. With robots set to become our servants, companions and co-workers, we need to deal with the increasingly […]

14 Jul 2017

Will This App Replicate You?

Replika launched in March. At its core is a messaging app where users spend tens of hours answering questions to build a digital library of information about themselves. That library is run through a neural network to create a bot, that in theory, acts as the user would. Right now, it’s just a fun way for people to see how they sound in messages to others, synthesizing the thousands of messages you’ve sent into a distillate of your tone—rather like […]

08 Jul 2017

What’s On Your Mind – Is Telepathy the New Communication?

Imagine if telepathy were real. If, for example, you could transmit your thoughts to a computer or to another person just by thinking them. Elon Musk is developing Neuralink, and In just a few years, years telepathy will be used routinely in a less invasive way says Openwater founder Mary Lou Jepsen, thanks to technology her company is working on. Jepsen is a former engineering executive at Facebook, Oculus, Google[x] (now called X) and Intel. She’s also been a professor […]

12 Jun 2017

Will You Welcome Singularity When it Happens?

Some movies have the subtle effect of making one ponder: if a singularity happens would we personally welcome any artificial overlord ruling our lives and consciousness? What about you – will you welcome singularity? Most people working with AI on consumer services claim that the AI will not be our real problem, anyway. Give or take a few more years with streams of target parameters and it will handle the world’s most important decisions. A paradigm shift will happen eventually […]

05 Jun 2017

Can We Win the War on Aging – Should We?

When considering the subject of the War on Aging, two things remains clear, up until now. We all grow old. We all die. For Aubrey de Grey, a biogerontologist and chief science officer of the SENS Research Foundation, accepting these truths is, well, not good enough. He decided in his late twenties (he’s currently 54) that he “wanted to make a difference to humanity” and that battling age was the best way to do it. His life’s work is now […]

03 Jun 2017

What’s On Your Mind – Will Everyone Know?

What’s On Your Mind? Will Everyone Know? Scanning your brain to decode the contents of your mind has been a subject of intense research interest for some time. As studies have progressed, scientists have gradually been able to interpret what test subjects see, remember, imagine, and even dream – will everyone soon know what’s on your mind? There have been significant limitations, however, beginning with a necessity to extensively catalog each subject’s unique brain patterns, which are then matched with […]