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14 Jan 2018

Why Only Intelligent Life is Doomed.

We live with a hectic news-cycle where the threat of natural and human-made catastrophe seems to ratchet up all the time. Tech and scientific giants Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking warn that soon artificial intelligence can pose an existential threat. Other issues continue to rumble ominously in the background of our minds, and of current events. Even in academia, institutions like the Centre for Existential Risk in Cambridge and the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford project dire warnings about […]

06 Sep 2017

Why is the Fermi Paradox Paradoxical?

With at least a quarter trillion stars in Earth’s galaxy alone, which itself is one of hundreds of billions of other galaxies, the statistical probability of there being alien life somewhere is overwhelming. Yet, humanity’s best attempts to detect such life have been fruitless, giving rise to the Fermi Paradox: If statistically, life should be so common throughout the universe, how is it that not a trace of it has been detected? The question whether the human race is alone […]